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Electric Wax Melt Burner Plug In Fragrance Candle Wax Warmer,metal Oil Burner for Scented Candles, Night Light silver

Electric Wax Melt Burner Plug In Fragrance Candle Wax Warmer,metal Oil Burner for Scented Candles, Night Light silver

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Introducing our Electric Wax Melt Burner, a convenient Plug-In Fragrance Candle Wax Warmer featuring a sleek silver metal design. This versatile oil burner enhances your space with captivating scents from your favorite wax melts or scented candles while providing a gentle night light.

🕯️ Key Features:
- **Electric Convenience:** Effortlessly enjoy the soothing fragrance of your favorite wax melts or scented candles.
- **Plug-In Design:** No open flame, making it safe and easy to use.
- **Metal Oil Burner:** Stylish and durable, adding a touch of elegance to your decor.
- **Night Light Feature:** Enhance your ambiance with a subtle and comforting night light.

💡 How to Use:
1. Plug in the electric wax melt burner and switch it on.
2. Place your preferred wax melt or scented candle on the warming plate.
3. Allow the fragrance to fill your space while enjoying the soft glow of the night light.

🌙 Ideal for:
- Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere
- Aromatherapy Enthusiasts
- Safe and Stylish Home Fragrance

Transform your space into a fragrant sanctuary with our Silver Electric Wax Melt Burner. Order now for a convenient and stylish way to elevate your home ambiance.



Mute & NO Smoke Design
- The metal aroma lamp can company you to fall into sleeping, safe for daily usage.

✨Support Wax and Oil - This fragrance warmer can used with wax and essential oils, keep the air smelling fresh and inviting.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection - One bulb included. The candle warmer has all---Temperature
stability, durability, without flame, soot, or other pollutants.
Works with wax cubes/melts, tarts, fragrant oil.

✨Deal For Gifting – The Fragrance Wax Burner can be used as a candle burner and night light,
we put it in a delicate box. You can share it as a gift to your friends, colleagues, and family. 


Item type: Aromatherapy Lamp

Material: Metal

Voltage : 230V Bulb:230V,15W (UK Plug)

Voltage : 230V Bulb:230V,15W (EU Plug)

Voltage : 230V Bulb:230V,15W (AU Plug)

Voltage : 120V Bulb:120V,15W (US Plug)

Item size: L:10CM x 13cmH

Weight: 200g

Package Including



1*Operating Manual


1.Put scented fragrance oil or wax tart in the lid.

2.Plug in the power, turn on the online switch, the fragrance can fill the room

3.Put it in a place out of reach of children or pets to prevent touch injuries. When the bulb is working, it will heat the lamp cover.

4. Allow unit to cool completely before touching.

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